Monday, 9 December 2013

'The Perfect Christmas Cheeseboard' Juliet Harbutt - cheese addict, Chairman of the British Cheese Awards and author of the award winning World Cheese Book gives her view.

“Cheese is a combination of man's ingenuity and milk - one of nature's finest miracles and comes in a myriad of shapes, tastes and sizes that when carefully chosen can appeal even to the most sceptical and hard to please. The cheeseboard is also perfect for unexpected guests, in between snacks and a chance to sit back and relax after the chaos of present opening and before the mammoth task of washing up!

Don’t serve too much however it is more an excuse to finish off the red wine or open another or maybe even a sweet wine or Port to go with the blues or strong, hard cheeses.  Hold a couple of small cheeses back to mix with the less elegant leftovers and don’t insisted on buying a cheese if it isn’t ripe or you can’t find it – if you can’t find the one you love, love the one you find!

For the perfect Christmas cheeseboard use the 7 different types as a guide and just remember cut them correctly, savour them worshipfully, wrap them lovingly and store them carefully”